JUNE 2019

JUNE 2019

New Zealand “Toorace Trofeo Series”

The Trofeo Series concluded in New Zealand and Aaron won the trophy. The race was successfully organized by Toorace New Zealand.

“Rally Italia Sardegna”

Once again a great race for Kristensson e Appleskog, this time in the race that took place in Alghero, who placed third in the JWRC charts.

The Squarcialupi brothers had a good result as well, with their Ford Fiesta R5.

Michelin Rally Cup

The Michelin Cup goes on and continue for this whole year. This month the races took place at the “Rally il Grappolo”, “Rally Lana Storico” and at the “Rally del Salento”.

Belcar Zolder – Zolder circuit

Our pilots GHK, Guy Verheyen, Chris Mattheus and Pieder Decurtins placed third in the competition.

Rally “Raliul Moldovei Bacau 2019”

Marrini and White obtained the first place in the RC2N competition.

“2019 24 Hours-Rennen Nürburgring”

Christian Rziczny joined the 24 Hours-Rennen in Nürburgring.

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