Author - Cristina


Rally of Rome, Italian Rally Championship A great victory in Rome for the pilot Campanaro and the co-driver Porcu from the team TH Motorsport. They have reached the first place in R1 class, making a debut for their new Ford Fiesta. The team’s good performance was also a result of Vineis’s and Rodi’s race with their Ford Fiesta R2.   Rally of Alba, WRC Italian Rally Championship The collaboration between Toorace and Michelin continues in the Michelin Rally Cup.   Cesana-Sestriere European and Italian Mountain [...]

JUNE 2019

New Zealand “Toorace Trofeo Series” The Trofeo Series concluded in New Zealand and Aaron won the trophy. The race was successfully organized by Toorace New Zealand. “Rally Italia Sardegna” Once again a great race for Kristensson e Appleskog, this time in the race that took place in Alghero, who placed third in the JWRC charts. The Squarcialupi brothers had a good result as well, with their Ford Fiesta R5. Michelin Rally Cup The Michelin Cup goes on and continue for this whole year. This month [...]

MAY 2019

“Targa Florio” Italian Rally Championship TH Motorsport joined the competition. Panzani and Pinelli reached again the second place with their Ford Fiesta in R2 class, while Campanaro and Porcu joined with their Suzuki in the R1 class.   Belcar in Zolder Circuit GHK Racing team was in the championship race with one Norma, while Team T2 participated with three Norma. The race was concomitant to the DTM.   “Rally Rally Rose’n Bowl 2019” Fantastic race for Fabiola Sarti from the MT Motor team.  


WRC Tour de Corse Kristensson and Appleskog are still doing great, as they just reached the second place after doing an amazing race.   “Rally del Ciocco” Italian Rally Championship  Our Toorace crew had great results, especially Panzani and Pinelli, who classified second in the R2B category, and Campanaro and Porcu, who arrived first in R1.   “San Remo Rally” Italian Rally Championship Toorace was present with different crews to the competition which took place in San Remo, Italy.   “Michelin Rally Cup” and “Michelin Historic Rally Cup” [...]


Javier Castro and his co-driver Gerardo Scicolone closed the year with a 2nd place in their Category, the RC2A. In the overall of the Gran Prix dedicated to Jorge Recalde, the two argentinian drivers obtained a 4th place.